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Since the beginning of the establishment of Shanghai Jiaotong University, a special academy attached to the university was founded to supply qualified freshmen to the college. In 1908, the academy was reclassified as a regular middle school, aka the middle school attached to Shanghai Jiaotong University. With its highest level of quality education of famed graduates, the school was regarded as a very prestigious prime middle school. Over the next few decades, the school went through many dramatic changes. However, the fundamental principles and tradition of providing the highest quality of education have been thriving for many generations till today.

In 1956, Shanghai Jiaotong University was relocated to Xi'an as Xi'an Jiaotong University. The middle school attached to Xi'an Jiaotong University, aka Xi'an Jiaotong University Middle School (XJMS) was officially founded in July, 1959.

In 1999, XJMS was elected by the Xi'an municipal authority as an outstanding school for its finest quality of education among all the middle schools in Greater Xi'an area during municipal education system appraisement process.

In 2003, XJMS was recognized by the Education Ministry of Shaanxi province as the finest school with the highest honor among the whole province of Shaanxi for its excellence in the quality of education..

Students from XJMS have been continuously shining through various levels of high school and college entrance examinations among its peers. Ever since 1998, there have been four XJMS students obtained the highest achievable score in national college entrance test within the whole of Shaanxi province. In addition, XJMS students have snatched many awards in various national multidisciplinary competitions.

The school achievement level maintains the leading position for many years in Shaanxi province,under five major subjects of high school physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics and information technology.

Since 1971, due to a historical reason, XJMS was changed to the 83rd middle school of the city of Xi'an under the government management. This situation lasted for over 10 years till 1981. XJMS was reestablished. In 1991, XJMS was recognized as a Key School at both provincial and municipal level.

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